• Spektrum Educational Center Foundation


    The Spektrum Educational Centre was established in 1996 as a nongovernmental organization.

    As a self-sustaining, dynamic organization that is open to cooperation, our aim is to offer a wide range of formal and informal trainings to the organizations wishing to develop in the region, and also to those wishing to learn without age limits.

    We offer language courses, from beginner to advanced levels in small groups and individual lessons as well in ENGLISH, GERMAN, ROMANIAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, HUNGARIAN, and CHINESE.

    Within the framework of our educational development projects, we are searching for effective ways and means to prepare the region's workforce for the rapid economic changes and encourage entrepreneurship.

    Website: www.sec.ro

  • „die Berater“ Unternehmensberatung GmbH

    Vienna, Austria

    die Berater® is a leading consulting company for training and development with more than 420 employees and 50 locations in Austria.

    We provide comprehensive know-how with regard to all aspects of Human Resource Management - from recruiting, HR counselling and coaching to education and training or staff satisfaction surveys, outplacement and temporary staffing.

    Bridges to europe is the joint platform of the EU project activities of die Berater® and since the foundation of the company in 1998, we have participated in different roles in more than 120 EU-funded projects with more than 600 partner organisations from 40 countries.

    On the basis of this wide experience with many EU funding programmes we offer consulting on key aspects of successful EU projects to our customers.

    Website: dieberater.com , bridgestoeurope.com

  • CFL Söderthamn


    Regional and public VET/AE/education provider in the county of Halsingland, Sweden. The CFL (Centre For Flexible Learning) is an AE centre and one of the school units within the HEA. Halsingland Education Association (HEA, www.hufb.se) is a public authority, non-commercial collaboration between three municipalities in the county of Hälsingland (Bollnäs, Söderhamn, Nordanstig). The CFL offers VET health care programme for adults. The CFL HEA has participated in numerous projects funded by the EU/ESF all related to lifelong learning and how LLL can be organised in rural areas. The CFL HEA cooperation also focuses on R&D about for example distance learning using ICT technology and appropriate pedagogical methods. CFL plays a specific role of a Health care VET provider and provides sustainable actions for cooperation between VET providers and employers in the health sector.

    Website: www.hufb.se

  • University for Foreigners of Siena - International University


    The University for Foreigners of Siena is a public university specialized in the teaching of Italian as well as many other languages. It also specializes in scientific research on the diffusion of the Italian language and culture in the world and in contact between Italian and other languages and cultures.

    All of the undergraduate degree courses, master’s degrees, master programmes, postgraduate schools and certifications of teaching competences are open to Italian and foreign students.

    The university has received the European Label for Languages eight times, from 2004 to 2013. This is an award given by the European Union for language projects that have promoted the teaching and learning of languages through innovation and effective teaching practices, encouraging awareness of European linguistic heritage and motivating citizens to pursue multilingualism throughout their lives.

    In addition, the University has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for the Italian language courses, CILS and DITALS certifications. This certification guarantees quality and reliability for all students. 

    Website: www.unistrasi.it

  • Inthecity Project Developtment


    Inthecity Project Development is a creative multimedia agency. Its team of “digital storytellers” incorporates recognised and proven expertise in filmmaking, animation, web design and development, event video production, and social media. The company’s specialization is in discovering diverse real-life experiences and bringing the stories to life so they can reach a wide audience with the original message and spirit of the experience.

    Website: www.inthecitystudio.com