• Establish network of relevant key stakeholders and their active involvement in working meeting, consultation and exploitation events;
  • Conduct a Pulse European Survey to create a clear picture of what kind of language, communication and intercultural competencies foreign nurses need and to what extent language and communication models exist and are applied in the training of nurses.
  • Identify descriptors of communication and language competences for nurses (following the EQF, in accordance with CEFR levels B1 and B2);
  • Develop E-learning methodology and curriculum for workplace language and communication for nurses.
  • Develop E-learning course for workplace language and communication for nurses in French, Italian and Dutch, supported in Bulgarian, Romanian and Spanish, with learning content based on the real working situations of nurses.
  • Organise testing of the E-learning course with representatives of target groups.
  • Develop an assessment tool for linguistic and communication competences of nurses to measure the effectiveness of training and learning immediately after the course has been implemented.
  • Organise seminars to present the E-learning course and the results from the pilot and further promote the project outcomes.